Our Team

Colin Bower

CEO, Co-Founder, Director

Haba Fonseca-Sabune, MD

COO, Co-Founder

Carl Saab, MS, MA, PhD

Scientific Founder

Julia Trabulsi

Head of Product, Co-Founder

Arnaud Fosso Pouangue, PhD

Systems Architect

Cecile Low-Kam, PhD

Head of Data Science

Kim Phan, PhD

Senior Biostatistician

Sam Osseiran, PhD

Senior ML Engineer

Jeff De Flavio, MD

Director, Co-Founder

Kevin Ryan

Director, Co-Founder


Charles Nemeroff, MD, PhD, Chair, Dept of Psychiatry, Dell Medical School

Jeffrey Cummings, MD, Director of Center for Transformative Neuroscience, UNLV

Daniel Umbricht, MD, former Global Head Translational Medicine Neuroscience, Roche

Greg Fonzo, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Dell Medical School

Frederike Petzschner, PhD, Chair Carney Brainstorm Program, Brown University

Richard Goldberg, MD, Professor Emeritus Psychiatry, Brown University

Michael Smith, PhD, Former President Cortechs.AI, and founder, Adaptation Research

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