SynapseBio uses Machine Learning
and EEG to Improve Detection and Treatment
of Dementia and Other Neuropsychiatric Disorders

SynapseBio is a venture backed Digital Health company founded within AlleyCorp focused on utilizing statistical and machine learning models to assess EEG and other biophysical data for the purpose of improving the detection and treatment of dementia and other Neuropsychiatric disorders.

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Why It Matters
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Current tools to diagnose, treat or predict dementia are

Overly qualitative

Costly and not actionable

Invasive or unvalidated

Advanced statistical analysis and machine learning technology unlocks valuable information hidden within EEG data, including

Real time measurement of brain activity

Ubiquitous, low cost, non-invasive

Patient centric administration bench to bedside

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What How We Do

Over the past several years, SynapseBio has developed and refined a domain specific process and algorithm trained to clean and standardize EEG data and generate ML features which has demonstrated efficacy in advanced disease detection across multiple Neuropsychiatric disorders


Validated algorithm that has been proven to provide a clear signal

Accurate and transparent

Generation of EEG features in a quantitative structure for ML analysis and proprietary ML algorithms generate signal precision


Coding of signal for repeatable digital biomarker use by payers / providers and pharma

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Our Digital Biomarkers

SynapseBio is focusing first on 3 digital biomarkers for dementia
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Therapy Monitoring

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